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AlmostAGhost’s May 2011 mix

What cool new music has arisen this year of 2011, you wonder to yourself. Click this mix and find out! A wide-ranging collection of tracks this month, from classical cello loops to beautiful female voices to fast krautrock-style jams. Enjoy!

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #7

Hello, here is my next LIMF mix. Hope everyone has a nice long weekend, and relaxes. Got a couple of post ideas to write for here, and a couple of non-LIMF mix ideas too. Now I have a bit more time, I may get on those.

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #6

8 more days, 8 more songs, my life is shaping up nicely in this way. I enjoy making these, and every night figuring out a good track to share. This week I went to see The Kills in concert, which was great fun, and I’ve been somewhat hooked on their new stuff because of it. That was the highlight of an otherwise mundane 8 days. But these mixes probably end up making my life seem more exciting somehow; that’s the magic of looking at it through a mixtape lens. Haha enjoy.

- almostaghost

ohGr – Undeveloped

ohGr Undeveloped Cover

And now for something different…

I never really listened to industrial as a kid (I was raised on 60’s/70’s psychedelic and southern rock), but I quickly became hooked in the mid-2000s. I remember being introduced to NIN by a good friend in college and deciding soon after to buy my first Skinny Puppy album (the Singles Collect of all things). My interest quickly spread to the band’s other side projects (Download, Doubting Thomas, etc.). Of these side projects, I probably listened to ohGr the most. Whereas Skinny Puppy is characterized for their harsh and often disjointed sound, ohGr favored a more melodic and polished industrial style interspersed with hints of IDM and trance. I imagine many of SP’s die hard fans are probably disappointed with ohGr, but I greatly enjoyed the band’s attempt to find a sound independent of their earlier work.

I was actually pretty surprised by Undeveloped, especially after the release of Devil in my Details. Following Welt and SunnyPsyOp, DimD introduced a markedly darker sound for ohGr that placed less emphasis on musical hooks and melodic vocals (one of the things I enjoyed about the band). While not a terrible album, I felt it was hurt by poor mixing (the whole recording sounds muddied) and, subsequently lacked the emotion of the two previous albums. The Bill Moseley samples also felt out of place.

Thankfully, ohGr continued to develop their sound with Undeveloped and addressed many of my concerns with DimD. The darker sound remains; however, the crisp mixing and polished sound from the first two albums has returned. Spoken word sampling is still present, but flows better within the album (although sampling the Michael Jackson 911 tape may be a little questionable).

Like ohGr’s other albums, a wide range of styles have been covered here. Genres range from industrial, electronica, experimental (“typer”), aggro, and trance. Many tracks on the album are club friendly, with slick beats and clear lyrical hooks. Track highlights include “101” (many reviewers have noted the similarity to how this track opens to SP’s “Assimilate,” but the track quickly shifts to a menacing dance beat complete with a female backed refrain [a first I think]), “pissage” (the heaviest track on the album), “comedown” (provides a calm bookend to “pissage,” but gradually climaxes into fast-paced electronica), and traGek (probably the most mainstream sounding track of the album). Overall, it is a very accessible album that does well not to alienate ohGr’s core industrial fans without resorting to retreading past work.

If you enjoy industrial music, or if you are interested in broadening your musical horizons, I highly recommend this album. It is definitely one of my favorites for this year.

ohGr – 101
ohGr – traGek

- Numerator_Original

the other side

just a quick post to share a new mix – the other side. this mix is composed of eight songs from varying genres, but with a twist. each track is an alternate version of it’s commonly known counter-part. i hope you enjoy!


- breathmint

House of 1000 Bad Things

This is an amateurish mashup I made by request for my wife. It’s actually pretty fun though. True Blood theme and House of 1000 Corpses theme. Enjoy!

logicError vs Jace Everett vs Rob Zombie – House of 1000 Bad Things

- breathmint

Life In Mixtape Form #5

Been working some crazy long hours this week, which means my songs of the day often lean to my comfortable favorites, instead of searching deep for cool things. Not a bad thing though, they’re my favorites for a reason.

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #4

Eight days, in a blink of an eye. We’re flooding you with mixes up in here, and hope you don’t mind! This one has a bit of a weird flow. Sorry, I don’t control that on my LIMF mixes, I just share what life tells me to. 🙂

- almostaghost

since we last spoke: version d

another batch of (mostly) new stuff for you. enjoy and please let me know what you think in the comments!

- breathmint