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AlmostAGhost’s April 2011 Mix

Is it the end of the month already? Alright!

This month has a bit of everything… from the famous (Radiohead) to the obscure (GuMMy†Be▲R!), the old (Paul Simon) to the young (Sea Oleena), the gorgeous (Anna Calvi) to the extremely gorgeous (The National). As usual for my monthly mixes, these are all new tracks, fresh from 2011. Enjoy!

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #3

8 days already?! I guess so, which means it is time for another life mix. A wide-ranging bunch of tracks, this one.

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #2

My life continues on, with my song-a-day project. The last 8 days were highlighted by my not going to Coachella, and then regretting it while watching some epic performances on the Coachella youtube live stream. Next year, I’ll be back there!

- almostaghost

sunday sunday sundaze – vol. II

vol. II in the sunday sunday sundaze series. vol. I to proceed. ;]

- breathmint

The Mountain Goats – April 14, 2011 – Ottobar, Baltimore, MD

Here’s my recording of The Mountain Goats at the Ottobar on April 14, 2011. This show was all kinds of amazing. I will let the recording speak for itself.  Unfortunately, I had a recorder mic input issue which caused some loss of stereo in my recording. I have made a best effort to clean this up by replacing these instances with dual mono. In some cases I have removed portions of the audio. The vast majority of this (luckily) occured in between songs. Overall, the audio quality is excellent. This show may not be sold under any cirumstances.

Download Options:


320k mp3


- breathmint

AlmostAGhost – Coache11a Sunday mix

I made it! Two days before Coachella starts, here’s a mix of the music I liked or would try to see on Sunday. Except for my two favorites of the whole festival, I thought the Sunday lineup looked pretty weak… but as I got into making this, it turns out the day is pretty strong.

Will I regret not going this year? Probably. But regardless, still led me to a lot of cool new music…

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #1

Every day, I will pick a “song of the day,” a song I liked, is symbolic of the day somehow, discovered for the first time, felt relevant, whatever. After 8 days, I’ll have enough for an 8tracks mix and will share. Life in mixtape form!

The mixes won’t have as much work go into them, like the flow from one song into the next which I usually care about. And it’s possible after a few times it will get too repetitive (I just keep sharing Radiohead or something) and I’ll stop, but we’ll see…

- almostaghost

Your Blood In Mine

attention: loved ones

play this song at my funeral. and nothing else.

Serena-Maneesh – Your Blood In Mine


and if you aren’t set up to play FLAC, grab it here. this song can not be accurately represented by mp3.

- breathmint

recent rejects – vol I

first in a new series of “planned” mixes, this features 8 tracks which were recently slated for use in another mix and didn’t make the final cut.

- breathmint

you had me at unpronouncable sequence of symbols

just another witch house mix.

- breathmint