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Lykke Li In The Street: A YouTube Exploration

So I’ve been enjoying the new Lykke Li album, which led me of course to poke around YouTube one night watching some of her videos. Turns out, she has a number of videos, performing acoustic in the street! How cool! My one minor criticism of the new record is it feels slightly overproduced, and I really like hearing her songs stripped down like this. Obviously, these are all from her first album, instead of her new album since that just came out. But let’s look:

Here’s Lykke and her band singing “Little Bit” on the street in Stockholm. Pure busking! A guy in the window shouts to be quiet or he’ll call the police. A car drives by. The same guy is converted and throws them money at the end.

This one’s incredible. Lykke Li sings, dances, plays the trumpet, and rattles chains while Bon Iver (!) jam on the edge of a fountain. I am not sure why Lykke Li was hanging out with Bon Iver, but they should more. Also apparently Lykke Li plays the trumpet.

Another one outdoors here, it’s “Dance Dance Dance” again, but this time with El Perro Del Mar as her backup. (Kazoo this time, not a trumpet.)

This “I’m Good, I’m Gone” is not out in public, but it is acoustic and apparently outdoors, so close enough.

This one here might be my favorite, and it features Robyn on the chorus! But I can’t embed it, so you have to click over.

And since I don’t like to leave you without music, here’s Beck’s remix of her new single “Get Some”:

Lykke Li – “Get Some (Beck remix)”

- almostaghost

“Free Love Freeway” – A YouTube Exploration

So after forcing myself to watch the Golden Globes, solely because Ricky Gervais was hosting, I started to remember his songs from The Office UK: “Free Love Freeway”!

It always cracks me up when Gareth and Tim start to join in, harmonizing. Here’s a version Ricky did on Inside The Actor’s Studio:

But I also came upon the most amazing thing! There’s TONS of covers of the song on Youtube! Just like how there’s millions of ukulele covers of “Paper Planes,” or of Neutral Milk Hotel! This makes me happy. It should become a campfire song, that everyone sings and knows how to play. Most of the videos are simple, homemade recordings, done in the person’s living room on a webcam.

Just look how much fun this family has doing it:

A ukulele/guitar version by Nobe & Ben:

by Sunny Williams:

A fast noisy live version by The Sun Lee Sunbeam:

And finally… Ricky Gervais recorded the song properly, with Noel Gallagher from Oasis singing back-up:

If you actually watched all those, I’m sure you’ll be hooked on the song too!

But to future coverers, I say, take some risks! There should be weird electronic versions, accordions, drums, anything. They don’t all need to be done on acoustic guitar!

- almostaghost

Ben Folds, Nick Hornby, & Pomplamoose – Things You Think

YouTube, although full of videos of kids tripping and kids tripping, is also increasingly becoming a fantastic and immediate way for independent musicians working out of their homes to release new “VideoSongs” (not to be confused with music videos.)  One such home-based, independent musician using YouTube to its advantage is the pop duo, Pomplamoose, who actually go as far as to define “VideoSongs” on the descriptions of their videos as:

VideoSong [is] a new Medium with two rules:

1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

Pomplamoose’s Jack and Nataly have steadily, and relatively quietly trickled out fantastic chamber pop originals and quirky, chamber pop covers of Top 40 hits for what seems like a few years now.  Furthermore, they’ve done it with a jaw-dropping consistency worthy, especially for the whole home-brew nature of their project–just look at the number of awesome “VideoSongs” on their YouTube channel.  Their latest only reinforces their emerging tradition of home-brew, charming pop-music excellence.  “Things You Think” is a wonderful collaboration with not only piano-pop virtuoso, Ben Folds, but also book-writing virtuoso, Nick Hornby.  Apparently, this will appear on Ben Folds’ next album Lonely Avenue (due out September 28), which is entirely co-written by Hornby and seems to also include four new short stories by Hornby.  But if you can’t wait, you can get the song now via iTunes.  I’m not sure how much more involved Pomplamoose in the rest of the album, but hopefully it’s a lot.

- ianthewalrus