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Mid-Way Update errr close enough

Ok. So I think I promised a new music update halfway through 2012.

Here it is! Get your clicky finger ready!


1. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

This is the full album that dropped June 11th (I think). Either way this is going to be an album of the year. I effin love this album so much. With audio inserts that are kinda like Pictureplane but is as danceable as Discovery or Toro y moi, my ears are so so very happy. Here is to hoping he will make his sweet music making ass over to the US for some shows.


2. Trust – TRST

Some very good darkwave (? genres can be hard for me to place). This album is solid. There is this part in Shoom, I think it is around 2:28 where in the middle of a break down he lets out this sigh and I get goosebumps because it is rare to hear someone so into their music that they let it consume them and then…. sigh… That is the kind of shit I can’t get enough of.


3. iamamiwhoami – Kin

Synth-pop. I am always partial to not liking artists that have this kind of vocal style. However I really like this music and Play is a really catchy song. Also it’s always cool to dance around with a bunch of bipedal Puli dogs or whatever those things are.


4. Elite Gymnastics – Ruin 4

I am really upset that I didn’t hear their original album in 2011. This band quickly became a favorite of mine that I will obsessively listen to everything they put out. Aside from their original being amazing, the remix is just as good. Their music tends to juxtapose their melancholy lyrics and so one minute you are dancing and the next minute you have your ear up to the speaker because you just caught the tail end of some depressing shit while trying to sing along. Example lyric : The things that felt like bliss/ only really felt like shit/ it’s a waste/ it’s a waste /it’s all it ever was .

I love them.


5. The Invisible – Rispah

The Invisible would be what I think of as a mix between Calla and Thom Yorke.  Songs like Generational and Utopia really carry this album. I think most people will like this album for their own reasons.


6. oOoOO – Our love is Hurting Us

Most people are aware that I am obsessed with oOoOO. Listen. To. it. all.


Songs that I really like from this year detached from their albums:

Van She – Idea of Happiness (Sebastian Remix)

-Holy shit if this isn’t a good dance number!

Eyes (feat. NO CEREMONY///) – Stay +

Summer – MMOTHS

As A Child (with Machinedrums) – Lone

Open- Clark

Secret – Clark  (both songs are from Iradelphic)

Sleepless – Flume

Lights Out – Gauntlet Hair (actually this whole album is pretty good and they are awesome live too)


There you are. I am off to go find a life size labyrinth spiral that is a mile from my apartment. Happy Friday!


- betweenthesound

Two New DJ Shadow Tracks

I’m fairly certain that it is either impossible or just foolhardy to try and live up to a near-perfect album like Endtroducing.  And although DJ Shadow has said before that he is not trying to, his fans and various press outlets can’t help but make the comparison.  And who could blame them?  Endtroducing is an absolute gem of electronic music, one which if you haven’t had the pleasure of listening to, I suggest you stop reading and get a copy for yourself.  You can thank me later.

Sadly, it seems a pattern for an artist’s fan base to want the same sound over and over, recreating that initial feeling in their minds that got them into the artist in the first place.  Chasing this fix is ultimately fruitless in most cases, however it is most certainly a habit which has propagated through many generations of music listeners.

The press more or less follows in this pattern, although often thinly veiling it with some supporting adjectives and references to make you think otherwise.  Unfortunately, while natural, this feeling can overshadow the act of actually hearing the new material for what it is, simply branding it as “not familiar” and moving on.

Pitchfork was quick to make that very mistake this morning while covering the release of two new DJ Shadow tracks were posted on his website (Both songs are freely available for download for September 13th only).  These tracks are from his upcoming, so far unnamed release.  Luckily, the tracks are posted for free, so the fans can make their own judgements.

While these tracks add nothing groundbreaking to DJ Shadow’s repertoire, it is certainly nice to see him getting back into the swing of releasing material under his own moniker.   Personally, I cannot wait to hear what the rest of the album has in store.

Go ahead and grab a copy of the tracks for yourself over at DJ Shadow’s website (in much higher quality than here), but for now, you can stream them right here as well:

DJ Shadow – Def Surrounds Us

DJ Shadow – I’ve Been Trying

- tokyo

Ben Folds, Nick Hornby, & Pomplamoose – Things You Think

YouTube, although full of videos of kids tripping and kids tripping, is also increasingly becoming a fantastic and immediate way for independent musicians working out of their homes to release new “VideoSongs” (not to be confused with music videos.)  One such home-based, independent musician using YouTube to its advantage is the pop duo, Pomplamoose, who actually go as far as to define “VideoSongs” on the descriptions of their videos as:

VideoSong [is] a new Medium with two rules:

1. What you see is what you hear (no lip-syncing for instruments or voice).
2. If you hear it, at some point you see it (no hidden sounds).

Pomplamoose’s Jack and Nataly have steadily, and relatively quietly trickled out fantastic chamber pop originals and quirky, chamber pop covers of Top 40 hits for what seems like a few years now.  Furthermore, they’ve done it with a jaw-dropping consistency worthy, especially for the whole home-brew nature of their project–just look at the number of awesome “VideoSongs” on their YouTube channel.  Their latest only reinforces their emerging tradition of home-brew, charming pop-music excellence.  “Things You Think” is a wonderful collaboration with not only piano-pop virtuoso, Ben Folds, but also book-writing virtuoso, Nick Hornby.  Apparently, this will appear on Ben Folds’ next album Lonely Avenue (due out September 28), which is entirely co-written by Hornby and seems to also include four new short stories by Hornby.  But if you can’t wait, you can get the song now via iTunes.  I’m not sure how much more involved Pomplamoose in the rest of the album, but hopefully it’s a lot.

- ianthewalrus

RIP Mark Linkous

RIP Mark Linkous (of Sparklehorse) [196X-2010]

[kml_flashembed movie="" width="425" height="344" allowfullscreen="true" fvars="fs=1" /]

- breathmint