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February 2013

February 2013 from almostaghost on 8tracks Radio.

Not my longest monthly mix by any means, only found 9 songs I wanted to drop. Have a good amount in the queue though for the upcoming month, and in fact outlook for 2013 is very high. Going to be a good music year for releases, I reckon.

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #72

Life In Mixtape Form #72 from almostaghost on 8tracks Radio.

Everyone go vote next Tuesday! (If you’re in US.) 🙂

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #57

Life In Mixtape Form #57 from almostaghost on 8tracks.

These 8 days flew by! Highlighted by a Laura Marling concert, which was phenomenal. It was my third time seeing her, but the first time it was really her element. First time, she was opening for another artist; second time, Coachella. This one was in a tiny outdoor amphitheatre, and it was quite perfect. Her voice, her songs, her sweet shy English charm. Her songs have grown on me quite a lot, her last album took a lot of time to burrow into my brain and realize just how stunning they are. She keeps growing and getting better, and I felt like I was seeing Joni Mitchell or someone at that sort of level. If she’s not there, she will be. Soon.

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #23

Man, 8 days goes by quick sometimes. In case you’re wondering, every day I think of a sort of “song of the day.” Every 8 days, I can make a mix and share them on 8tracks here for all. I don’t know if it’s interesting to other people or not, but it sort of ends up a nice form of reflection for me, and I do stand by the songs–I want you to hear them. 🙂

Some more Stuck In The Groove posts about Laura Marling shall be coming this week; we were slow to get it started, but remain committed to the idea. Any recs for the next artist we should cover?

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #15

This week was musically highlighted by a Thurston Moore concert, which was wonderful. His new album is an acoustic album, basically. It was a blast to hear him stripped back–two acoustic guitars, a harpist, a violinist, drummer. And among this, his voice really stood out; he’s a great singer! Usually, it’s easier to focus on his electric guitar freakout amazingness, or his poetic lyrics, I’ve never really thought of his voice before like that. Dude is a legend for a reason. 🙂

Anyway enjoy the mix; there’s an older Thurston song on there, which he did play at the show (and acoustic too).

- almostaghost