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AlmostAGhost’s Top Albums Of 2012: #15. Poliça – Give You The Ghost

Give You The Ghost


This article says Poliça was formed to “escape to a different reality,” and when you really get into Give You The Ghost, that’s absolutely what they accomplish. Autotuned vocals float over deep new wave synths and percussion, in more or less every song. But this trip into the alternate reality runs wild: from intense abandon (“Violent Games”) to more hypnotic grooves (“Lay Your Cards Out”) and back.

Autotune has a strange reputation (probably deserved), but every once in awhile someone uses it in just the right way to twist emotion into otherworldly dreaminess. I think it is safe to assume that the singer, Channy Leaneagh doesn’t need to be autotuned. But that she is feels right, it takes you to that place. Fun yet complex, unique yet inviting, cool yet emotional: there are a lot of contradictions playing off each on Give You The Ghost as well. But like the rampant autotuner, those unexpected contradictions make this one of the best albums of the year.

Polica “Lay Your Cards Out”

Polica “Violent Games”

- almostaghost

AlmostAGhost’s Top Albums Of 2012: #22. Bob Dylan – Tempest

Bob Dylan - Tempest

got something in my pocket that’ll make your eyeballs swim

Tempest. As big a fan I am of some of Bob Dylan’s more recent albums of the last 15 years, Tempest is perhaps his most epic. That does not mean I like it as much, but this is one heavy, difficult sort of album. The heaviness comes from a bunch of factors: the topics/language, the lengths of the song, the meditative music.

That said, this isn’t closer to the top of this list due to that heaviness, even though I can admire it. As impressive of a world that Dylan creates in this album–and I love albums that are their own worlds–it is hard to get into. The songs go through murder, revenge, blood, the sinking of the Titanic, John Lennon, trains. While all those things are fairly common in the blues, this is no easy listen. (And this has nothing to do with Dylan’s oft-criticized modern voice, which I actually really like.)

What it comes down to though: at this point, Dylan isn’t going to make this easy. His focus during Tempest is on history, big epic proclamations (“I pay in blood / but not my own”), complex emotional tales (“so much for tears / so much for those long and wasted years”). This album takes work, and even myself am not sure how much I am willing to do with it. But there’s no denying that Tempest can pull you in from time to time, forcing you to do that work.

Bob Dylan “Pay In Blood”

Bob Dylan “Duquesne Whistle”

- almostaghost

Btrxz’s Haiku Reviews of 2010 Or Things We Over Look (in no particular order 9/18)

Artist: Dada Trash Collage

Title: Neighbors

Label: Unsigned

Country: US, Minneapolis, MN

Genre: Concrete,Experimental, Psychedelic

Date: 5-5-10

Dada Trash Collage- Neighbors

Jagged feathers fall

Precious trash found in sound

Should it be treasured

You\’re Only Barely Alive, Because Your Life Just Started

- Btrxz

Btrxz’s Haiku Reviews of 2010 Or Things We Over Look (in no particular order 4/18)

Artist: Rogue Valley

Title: Crater Lake

Label: Self Release

Country: US, St. Paul, MN

Genre: Folk, Modern Folk, Indie Rock

Date: 4-10-10

Rogue Valley Crater-Lake

Stories old and new

Quake with sumer dusk eternal

where is this rogue moon

The Planting Moon

- Btrxz