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January 2013 mix

January 2013 from almostaghost on 8tracks Radio.

Here is my monthly mix of new music from 2013. Looking ahead, there’s quite a few of my favorite artists putting stuff out this year, or expected to. So far there’s been a couple things I wanted to share, but not blown away by anything yet. Surely that will turn around soon.

- almostaghost

AlmostAGhost’s Top Albums Of 2012: #26. Frank Ocean – channel ORANGE

Frank Ocean - channel ORANGE

all the peaches and the mangos you could sell for me

While I do think channel ORANGE is generally overrated–he’s hitting the top of many year-end lists–I still dig it, and respect Ocean’s brazenness. Any album brimming with this many ideas is bound to be worth a listen. It feels both classic and modern, timeless yet unique, innovative but standard. Different genres float in and out, all on a minimal bed of electro-sounding R&B. Though I won’t deny, some of it confuses me (a song about Forrest Gump? in 2012? wtf).

Frank Ocean “Pink Matter (feat. André 3000)”

Frank Ocean “Lost”

- almostaghost

August 2012

August 2012 from almostaghost on 8tracks Radio.

A mix of all new music, all from 2012. Have a good long weekend–I am going to a music festival at which I know relatively few of the bands. I know, impossible! But hopefully I’ll turn up some cool stuff that I like. 🙂

- almostaghost

Coachella 2012 Fridays

As I mentioned somewhere along the way, I’m going to Coachella again this year. But even when I don’t, I enjoy going through the lineup and checking out all the artists. This is a mix of the ones I like for Friday. It feels like an odd collection, the Friday lineup, but it will be a fun day to kick off everything. A short breakdown:

British artists: Pulp, James, The Horrors*, Yuck*, Arctic Monkeys*, WU LYF*, The Midnight Beast*, Wolf Gang*

French artists: Breakbot, M83, SebastiAn, Madeon*

Texas artists: The Black Angels, Neon Indian, Explosions In The Sky

intense artists: Refused* (hardcore scream punk), Death Grips* (hardcore hiphop), Atari Teenage Riot* (digital hardcore)

women: Mazzy Star, EMA, Hello Seahorse!, honeyhoney*, Ximena Sarinana*

rap/soul/reggae: Frank Ocean, Jimmy Cliff*, Kendrick Lamar

artists I didn’t know very well before doing this and was impressed by: EMA, The Black Angels, Hello Seahorse!

personal favorites of the day: Mazzy Star, Pulp, Frank Ocean

* = not on my mix

Coachella 2012 Fridays from almostaghost on 8tracks.

- almostaghost

Almost A Ghost – February 2011 mix

Another new month means another mix of some new music.

We’re in a mix mood here at NP, it looks like!

- almostaghost