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Life In Mixtape Form #38

Life In Mixtape Form #38 from almostaghost on 8tracks.

In case you’re new here, every day I pick a sort of “song of the day.” After eight days, I’ve got a mix I can upload to 8tracks. This is my 38th week in a row doing this, and I still enjoy using it as a form of daily reflection. I’m sure that’s meaningless to all, so aside from that, it’s generally just a bunch of cool songs. 😀

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #6

8 more days, 8 more songs, my life is shaping up nicely in this way. I enjoy making these, and every night figuring out a good track to share. This week I went to see The Kills in concert, which was great fun, and I’ve been somewhat hooked on their new stuff because of it. That was the highlight of an otherwise mundane 8 days. But these mixes probably end up making my life seem more exciting somehow; that’s the magic of looking at it through a mixtape lens. Haha enjoy.

- almostaghost