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Coachella 2013 Friday mix

Coachella 2013 Friday from almostaghost on 8tracks Radio.

I’m not going to Coachella this year–I went in 2010 and 2012, so seem to only be on an even year schedule. But I can still use the lineup to explore music! I may regret not going, after having gone through their Friday lineup. There are an almost extreme number of bands that I would be interested in/already love playing on Friday. Pretty epic! So this is a pretty long mix, and maybe it’s good–I don’t need the stress of trying to figure out how which of the 26 cool acts I like I’d have to skip out on.

- almostaghost

AlmostAGhost’s Top Albums Of 2012: #30. Divine Fits – A Thing Called Divine Fits

A Thing Called Divine Fits

living nostalgia like ice cream

Divine Fits is a “supergroup” of sorts, a phenomenally cool rock band made primarily of Britt Daniel (the main guy from Spoon, and most of the songs here sound like Spoon tracks) and Dan Boechner (of Wolf Parade and Handsome Furs).

Divine Fits “Would That Not Be Nice”

Divine Fits “Like Ice Cream”

- almostaghost

September 2012

September 2012 from almostaghost on 8tracks Radio.

My monthly mix of 2012 music–a week early because I’m going out of town. Fortunately, still a lot of good stuff I checked out, though I found this mix a little odd somehow. Had trouble laying it out in a way I was totally happy with.

- almostaghost