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Life In Mixtape Form #38

Life In Mixtape Form #38 from almostaghost on 8tracks.

In case you’re new here, every day I pick a sort of “song of the day.” After eight days, I’ve got a mix I can upload to 8tracks. This is my 38th week in a row doing this, and I still enjoy using it as a form of daily reflection. I’m sure that’s meaningless to all, so aside from that, it’s generally just a bunch of cool songs. 😀

- almostaghost

Life In Mixtape Form #21

A quick break from Laura Marling (another post later tonight or tomorrow) to share my LIMF mix. This one includes 2 artists I saw live last week, as well as my favorite Beatles song. 🙂 Enjoy

- almostaghost

AlmostAGhost – Coache11a Friday mix

Unlike last year, I’m not going to Coachella this time around, for various reasons. Even though, I’m not sold on the headliners, the line-up is not one of the reasons. Judging a festival by the headliners is lazy. The fun thing about big festivals is the choose-your-own-adventure vibe. Last year, I saw very little of any of the headliners! There was better things to do. (For example, Fever Ray.)

Anyway, turns out there was 20 bands on Friday I put in my Yes or Maybe category to see (if I were going), and that’s who is in this mix. 🙂

Saturday and Sunday lineups to come in time…

- almostaghost