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Mid-Way Update errr close enough

Ok. So I think I promised a new music update halfway through 2012.

Here it is! Get your clicky finger ready!


1. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs – Trouble

This is the full album that dropped June 11th (I think). Either way this is going to be an album of the year. I effin love this album so much. With audio inserts that are kinda like Pictureplane but is as danceable as Discovery or Toro y moi, my ears are so so very happy. Here is to hoping he will make his sweet music making ass over to the US for some shows.


2. Trust – TRST

Some very good darkwave (? genres can be hard for me to place). This album is solid. There is this part in Shoom, I think it is around 2:28 where in the middle of a break down he lets out this sigh and I get goosebumps because it is rare to hear someone so into their music that they let it consume them and then…. sigh… That is the kind of shit I can’t get enough of.


3. iamamiwhoami – Kin

Synth-pop. I am always partial to not liking artists that have this kind of vocal style. However I really like this music and Play is a really catchy song. Also it’s always cool to dance around with a bunch of bipedal Puli dogs or whatever those things are.


4. Elite Gymnastics – Ruin 4

I am really upset that I didn’t hear their original album in 2011. This band quickly became a favorite of mine that I will obsessively listen to everything they put out. Aside from their original being amazing, the remix is just as good. Their music tends to juxtapose their melancholy lyrics and so one minute you are dancing and the next minute you have your ear up to the speaker because you just caught the tail end of some depressing shit while trying to sing along. Example lyric : The things that felt like bliss/ only really felt like shit/ it’s a waste/ it’s a waste /it’s all it ever was .

I love them.



5. The Invisible – Rispah

The Invisible would be what I think of as a mix between Calla and Thom Yorke.  Songs like Generational and Utopia really carry this album. I think most people will like this album for their own reasons.


6. oOoOO – Our love is Hurting Us

Most people are aware that I am obsessed with oOoOO. Listen. To. it. all.


Songs that I really like from this year detached from their albums:

Van She – Idea of Happiness (Sebastian Remix)

-Holy shit if this isn’t a good dance number!

Eyes (feat. NO CEREMONY///) – Stay +

Summer – MMOTHS

As A Child (with Machinedrums) – Lone

Open- Clark

Secret – Clark  (both songs are from Iradelphic)

Sleepless – Flume

Lights Out – Gauntlet Hair (actually this whole album is pretty good and they are awesome live too)


There you are. I am off to go find a life size labyrinth spiral that is a mile from my apartment. Happy Friday!


- betweenthesound

Damn You, Conor O’Brien

Album review: Villagers – Becoming a Jackal

I first heard his album at a friend’s temporary space, I think.  Maybe it was another artist, but I’m pretty sure it was him.  Friend in question is a real music journalist, as opposed to yours truly, who is but a mere dabbler in writing about the work of others.

Something about Villagers I didn’t like.  I felt almost offended by him, I didn’t know why.  He just seemed so earnest, it was annoying.

Said music journalist friend sent me this link to a YouTube video of Villagers–aka Dubliner Conor O’Brien–performing on Later… with Jools Holland. I was still annoyed with the young Irishman, and his poppy folksiness that seemed to fill me with ire.

So why am I listening to his entire album, Becoming a Jackal, on NPR?  Am I trying to make myself even more fired up?  Or am I giving Villagers a second opportunity to impress a jaded American?  Or maybe I was just feeling really bitchy all those other times?

Well, listening to the album now, I’ve figured out my problem with O’Brien.  Yes, he seems earnest.  He seems impossibly earnest, and impossibly sincere.  O’Brien puts himself out there, offering up his emotions raw to the table.  He doesn’t hold up any lyrical façades to hide behind, nor does he seem to create any personas.  He just makes music that ardently tugs at the stitches you’ve sewn up in your own heart.

Listening to the title track of Becoming a Jackal, O’Brien repeatedly cries, “I’m selling you my fears.”  I want to slap him for being so heart-wrenchingly genuine.  There are a number of lines weighed with emotions that challenge you in how unabashed they are.  It’s lovely, intimate music, if you can bear the aches Becoming a Jackal may inadvertently cause in the chest area.

This isn’t the sort of music to casually listen to unless you have no strings to tug, or perhaps after quite a few listens when you might be desensitised.  Villagers will challenge your heart through an audio assault cleverly guised as folk-rock.  Don’t be afraid of the onslaught.  Perhaps every now and then we need our armour to be pierced, and Conor O’Brien does so beautifully through his own dedication in conveying a spectrum of emotions in a way that makes it not seem as bad.

The jerk.

- quitepeculiar