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set this town on fire

a mix of 50s/60s-esque garage rock, post-punk, bubblegum, queercore, and riot grrl to melt your face off.

set this town on fire from breathmint on 8tracks.


- breathmint

Set Fire To A Blackberry Field – Best Of 2010 (the mix)

This is a 20-track mix of my favorite songs of 2010. Lots of artist overlap with my top-25 album countdown, naturally. But I was careful not to use any songs I’ve already shared here, and there’s some other stuff in there as well. (Apologies for the Eminem verse, he’s ridiculous, but Nicki Minaj is so cool and the beat on that song has hooked me.)

On to 2011!

- almostaghost

That’s Soul (mix)

Hi, I made a mix of soul music for any of you readers who either like soul or are interested in it. It’s one of my favorite music styles–the passion and feeling that these singers put into their songs can knock anyone out.

The mix has got a good response, and I think I may start making more mixes on different genres (even ones I don’t know very well!). Anyway, here it is, I hope it’s enjoyable:

- almostaghost

AlmostAGhost’s September 2010 Mix

My monthly mix of new 2010 songs and bands that I’ve enjoyed over the past few weeks:

- almostaghost

AlmostAGhost’s August 2010 mix

At the end of every month, I make a mix of music that I’ve found that came out this year. They’re usually a little longer than the minimum 8 tracks, and I hope you can use it to find some new music. This one in particular is kind of a bizarre mix of music! I guess it was a weird month.

- almostaghost

AlmostAGhost Minimix: Germs

Hi, I’m new to this blog, I wrote about the Sufjan EP first. But also I occasionally make mixes on 8tracks, so I thought I’d share them here as well. Sometimes I just make short minimixes of 8 songs I want to share, some are more involved and longer, based on a theme of some sort.

This new one is just a short one.

- almostaghost