AlmostAGhost’s Top Albums Of 2012: #8. Hello Seahorse! – Arunima

al fuego
sonic ranch

Ah I wanted to write a bit more about Hello Seahorse! But it’s late and I haven’t the time and I’ve already fallen off my countdown schedule so I’ll be quick. And besides, Hello Seahorse! is from Mexico, and they sing entirely in Spanish so I honestly have no idea what the songs are about anyway. These could be horrible lyrics for all I know. (Don’t ruin the mystery for me if you know Spanish, thanks.)

But still, they get some fun drama out of their songs, and almost always get a good sense of movement in their music. The singer has a pretty powerful voice, which always adds to their momentum. The songs have drive, and even without knowing what they’re talking about, that much is evident.

Hello Seahorse! was one of the highlights for me at Coachella this year and this album, which came out 6 months later, did nothing to diminish that.

Hello Seahorse! “La Flotadera”

Hello Seahorse! “Para Mí”

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