AlmostAGhost’s Top Albums Of 2012: #28. Deep Sea Diver – History Speaks

Deep Sea Diver - History Speaks
watch your lips pulse to the beat

History Speaks is the debut record of Deep Sea Diver, the project mainly of Jessica Dobson and her minimal band. Jessica also moonlights as a guitar slinger for various artists (Beck, The Shins, Yeah Yeah Yeahs). Previously, a short Deep Sea Diver EP prior to History Speaks showed off her guitar skills and creativity. But History Speaks impressively expands on all that. More than just a great guitarist, Dobson’s voice sounds incredible, her songwriting varied and interesting and deep.

Here, I will share some of my favorites — a polyrhythmic Talking Heads-like jam called “You Go Running,” and the more moody title track. The rest of the album does not really sound like these two songs though, and that is why I like this album so much. These songs, just like this debut album, are surely just the tip of the Deep Sea Diver iceberg.

Deep Sea Diver “You Go Running”

Deep Sea Diver “History Speaks”

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