AlmostAGhost Review: Spielgusher – Spielgusher (2012)


SpielgusherSpielgusher (2012): Legendary bassist Mike Watt joins with some Japanese musicians (Yuko Araki and Hirotaka Shimizu) to back rock critic Richard Meltzer, who reads his silly pseudo-beat poetry (“red snapper is the lettuce of fish!”) over their brief little jazzy blips. There are 63 (!) tracks on the album, which seems daunting at first, until you see how short they all are. The album feels amateurish to me, though I did dig a few of the musical moments–Watt’s bass in particular. But it is hard to get a sense of the work/creativity when it runs through so many moments so quickly. And frankly, sweet jazz bass is hardly enough to recommend an album.

Spielgusher “Minus Five And Counting”

PS. Instead of writing a select bunch of longish reviews at the end of the year, I am going to try to more regularly post shorter ones all year long. Mint and I always talk about expanding like that, so time to try it out! I’m sure if something comes along that inspires me, it will be longer and more thoughtful, but most will probably be like this one. And hopefully an increase in quantity won’t hurt the quality!

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