Life In Mixtape Form #12

A fun 8 days… I took a trip up to Canada, returned. Was there for Canada Day, and not here for the Fourth Of July. Started to write a post about 2011 in music but it wasn’t turning out how I wanted, so I scrubbed it. I’ll just note that my list of all-time favorite artists almost entirely consists of people who have happened to put out new music this year (hey, Beck, keep up, thx).

So 2011 has been fun, but also a little odd — I haven’t found too much brand new, and while there’s lots I liked so far, there’s not many that I think are that artist’s best ever (a few exceptions: Gillian Welch, The Kills). But, then, does that really matter? I try not to overly compare new stuff to old stuff, but sometimes, when you know an artist really well, it’s inevitable.

Anyway, some artists that were unknown to me before this year and I now dig:

Oh Land
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
Lia Ices
Anna Calvi
Cut Copy
The Antlers
Frank Ocean

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