“Free Love Freeway” – A YouTube Exploration

So after forcing myself to watch the Golden Globes, solely because Ricky Gervais was hosting, I started to remember his songs from The Office UK: “Free Love Freeway”!

It always cracks me up when Gareth and Tim start to join in, harmonizing. Here’s a version Ricky did on Inside The Actor’s Studio:

But I also came upon the most amazing thing! There’s TONS of covers of the song on Youtube! Just like how there’s millions of ukulele covers of “Paper Planes,” or of Neutral Milk Hotel! This makes me happy. It should become a campfire song, that everyone sings and knows how to play. Most of the videos are simple, homemade recordings, done in the person’s living room on a webcam.

Just look how much fun this family has doing it:

A ukulele/guitar version by Nobe & Ben:

by Sunny Williams:

A fast noisy live version by The Sun Lee Sunbeam:

And finally… Ricky Gervais recorded the song properly, with Noel Gallagher from Oasis singing back-up:

If you actually watched all those, I’m sure you’ll be hooked on the song too!

But to future coverers, I say, take some risks! There should be weird electronic versions, accordions, drums, anything. They don’t all need to be done on acoustic guitar!

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