AlmostAGhost’s Best Albums Of 2010 Countdown (26-50)

OK, so starting tomorrow I will countdown/review my top 25 albums of 2010. Yes, I’m taking a slight chance nothing awesome is released over the next month, but I think I got it covered. 🙂 I’ll try to post a new one every day, but we’ll see how the schedule goes. I’ll do my best to finish by the end of the year, when I will also share my best-of-2010 mix of songs. (I’ll include mp3s and media with each post as well.)

To get it started though, I’ll just list my #26-50 with some short occasional thoughts:

26. Mavis Staples: You Are Not Alone [Jeff Tweedy produced… so much soul]
27. Arcade Fire: The Suburbs [growing on me a bit, love the lyrics, mixed on the music]
28. Laura Marling: I Speak Because I Can
29. Jamie Lidell: Compass [Beck had his hand in a lot of albums this year. this was the craziest.]
30. Grinderman: Grinderman 2
31. Charlotte Gainsbourg: IRM [another Beck production, very solid and at times affecting]
32. The Black Keys: Brothers
33. Janelle Monáe: The ArchAndroid [so much win]
34. The Knife: Tomorrow, In A Year [had trouble placing this, it’s nothing you’ve heard before, both good and bad]
35. Beck & Os Mutantes & Liars & St. Vincent: Kick [Beck and friends playing INXS? remarkable]
36. Engineers: In Praise Of More
37. Isobel Campbell & Mark Lanegan: Hawk
38. Kanye West: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy [never liked his music but this has some great stuff. Bon Iver, for reals?]
39. Midlake: The Courage Of Others [they’ve gone all ’70s British folk…and it works]
40. Amiina: Puzzle
41. Sharon Van Etten: Epic
42. Beach House: Teen Dream
43. Tift Merritt: See You On The Moon [as always, lovely]
44. J. Tillman: Singing Ax
45. John Legend & The Roots: Wake Up!
46. School Of Seven Bells: Disconnect From Desire
47. The Pipettes: Earth vs. The Pipettes
48. Nicki Minaj: Pink Friday [she’s absolutely bonkers and I kinda love it more than I should]
49. Belle & Sebastian: Write About Love
50. Neil Young: Le Noise

PS. To any other writers on this blog, please post your favorites sometime by the end of the year too!

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