The Mountain Goats – March 14, 2010 – The Social, Orlando, FL [UPDATED SETLIST]

Sorry it took me so long to get this one up, but I wanted to make sure to get this master perfect, and work was pretty crazy the last month. John played this solo set as a makeup for a show cancelled the year prior, which was due to illness. He made up a point of letting us know how much he hates doing that, and assured us it was absolutely necessary. Lucky for us, he made it up by putting on an amazing show for us – a 90 minute set with no pre-determined setlist and many requests. And yes, oh yes, there was No Children played (thanks to “teratomamok” of tmg forums for providing the Capo, without which, said song would not have been possible)! Full setlist and recording gear info following the download links below.

Full Set:

Download mp3 here.

Download FLAC here.

The Mountain Goats
March 14, 2010
The Social
Orlando, FL
Source: Core Sound Binaurals > Battery Box > Nomad Jukebox 3
Transfer: NJB3 > USB > PC > Sony Soundforge 7.0a
Edit: Sony Soundforge 7.0a (Splitting) > FLAC 1.2.1 > Tag & Rename
00) Christmas In Key West (John Recites From Cynthia Thomason Harlequin Romance Novel)
01) First Few Desperate Hours
02) The Monkey Song
03) So Desperate
04) Going To Bolivia
05) Broom People
06) Dilaudid
07) Southwood Plantation Road
08) Linda Blair Was Born Innocent
09) Peacocks
10) Dance Music
11) Hebrews 11:40
12) Song For Dennis Brown
13) Cubs In Five
14) Cheshire County
15) Woke Up New
16) From TG&Y, Baboon (sorry this isn’t split)
17) Matthew 25:21
18) This Year
19) Houseguest (A capella) (Nothing Painted Blue Cover)
20) No Children
21) The Best Ever Death Metal Band In Denton
This show may not be sold under any cirumstances.
Recorded by:

This show may not be sold under any cirumstances.

Recorded by:

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