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Over the last few years I have accumulated growing numbers of friends, family, colleagues, etc. asking me for music recommendations, turning to me for news/updates on artists, etc. Nearly independently I feel the need to talk about the music and bands I am listening to, loving, and perhaps not digging so much.

I have done this in a few different places. Primarily it’s carried on through personal conversations, instant messaging, text messaging, email, etc. I have also used a few different blogs to write about music. I started with myspace which I quickly found to be lacking and inefficient. Then there was mog, which I actually liked quite a bit. However, they have undergone several site updates which have rendered it into something like “everything else.” I like the idea of having complete control over my content and format, and after finding wordpress a while back I set up “Good News” as part of my Snowden fan site snowdenology. It was mainly intended to serve as a “snowden blog” but I found myself starting to include entries for recent mixes, “best of lists”, etc. Right about this time I was talking to a friend over at Tasty Fever! who suggested having a separate blog just for music writing. She’s going to be our London correspondent here too – more on that later.

So that’s how I got here at‘s first post. Would you believe the first post on my new music blog doesn’t even have any music mentioned it? Don’t fret! That’s why today I have for you, 2010 So Far AND [bonus beats] Have One On Me.

In closing, I share with you lyrics from this blog’s name sake.

There’s nothing to tell you, there’s nothing to sell you.”     (complete lyrics available on whiskeyclone)

We’re going to try anyway. Speaking of which, I changed my mind (about the no music in this post thing). The song is from the amazing album One Foot In The Grave, which you can and very much should buy here.

Beck – Cyanide Breath Mint


cyanide breathmint


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